Thursday, August 21, 2008

Candle Sales to benefit Leukemia Society

Not many of you know that I am a distributor for Mia Bella soy candles. While most people make tons of money selling items, I myself am not a salesperson so I don't let others know that I even can sell these great candles. I keep my membership so that I can get the candles monthly for myself and never worry about if I have sold to others on the website.

However, I am reaching out of my comfort zone to let others know about my candle website for one reason.... my passion for kids with leukemia.

I will give 25 percent of whatever money is made from candle sales for the months of August, September, and October from sales on the website and I will be sending it t0 The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma society does so much with their funds... it goes for research, directly to programs that help kids with the diseases, and to help defray treatment costs for children who are in need. You can visit to see more and to read stories about kids doing well with their treatment.

So, it is another way for me to reach out and maybe make a difference. If you visit the site and feel compelled to purchase a great smelling candle, it will be appreciated and go to a good cause.

Visit to order online. They will keep a record of sales and I will let you know what our donation is at the end of October. Look at the site for the candle icon at the top to sign up for the free candle drawing the company sponsors too. Maybe you will be a lucky winner.

Blessings to all.

PS. I have a new opt in box to join my mailing list. We have had a few kinks in it but I am getting the correct email addresses, it is just slow to get the messages out to you. When you sign up there should follow a three article Welcome greeting on dealing with kids and illnesses. Look for it in your email soon.

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Danny Escabarte said...

Hi Terri,

PEACE and warm greetings!
You have a soft heart for kids, especially those in difficult situation. Keep it up!!!
Like you, I am an advocate of a child-friendly society. In fact I became an accidental blogger because of this personal crusade in behalf of children who have no access to blogosphere. I believe in your cause and I wish you good luck and success...GbU!