Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Puppies....and ....kids....and summertime ..and waiting.....

I don't know about you but the summer is flying by. Parents who are dealing with a child who is ill might not feel the same way. For them, depending on the circumstances, the summer might be dragging by.

I think about those parents as my husband and I are trying to train our new puppy and we want that to happen NOW, before winter. But the puppy doesn't want to wait to play, he wants to play NOW, and being housebroken isn't that important to him. Just like puppies, small children also want what they want NOW, not later. And parents of sick kids are no different.

Parents waiting to see if the chemo is working want to know NOW. Parents who are waiting for the cat scan results, want those results NOW. Parents who want the treatments to be over and to see their happy healthy child return, want that to happen NOW, not September, not October, not after the winter holiday season, but NOW, RIGHT NOW.

Waiting can be a form of torture, or you can view it as a time of preparation and rest. A time to regroup, enjoy the moment, and gain the strength for the next move.

So, you parents who are in the season of waiting. Take a deep breath, and live in the moment. Find something to be grateful for. Find something to enjoy. Find something to do for someone else. Learn to take it one step at a time. And know that these answers will come tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. But what really matters is what you do with the moment right NOW.

As for me, I am trying not to rush the summer, to enjoy the moment, and to not wish the summer away by thinking about next week, or next month, or even Christmas. I am trying to enjoy right now. I try to do what I love everyday, and this very moment I am saying a silent prayer for parents everywhere who have burdens on their hearts regarding what comes next.

And my next action involves taking a very impatient puppy outside to play and pee right NOW.


Theresa Schultz said...

Beautiful post and so true and sometimes so hard to do.


Judy said...


Wonderfully written - life doesn't always work on our schedule. My heart goes out to those parents and children that have to wait. Your advise to make it a time of rest and healing (mental) is wonderful.

Take care,

Carma's Window said...

Terri, you write such inspirational posts. And you hit the nail on the head with NOW. No wonder patience is a virtue.