Friday, July 11, 2008

Organizations with information on neurological disorders

  • The kids have worked hard to raise funds and now maybe they need some good organizations to send their donations to. I have a list of websites and organizations to get you started. These listed today specialize in neurological disorders. One of those diseases is Muscular dystrophy. Other diseases are Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Myotonic Dystrophy.
These diseases all affect the muscles and the child becomes weaker as time goes on. Expensive medical equipment is sometimes needed like wheel chairs, braces, and even breathing machines called ventilators. Donations to these organizations can help provide equipment, further research about the diseases, and educate the public. Visit the websites for more information.
Visit the sites with your children to gain information, education, and the mission of each of these groups. It will make you feel more comfortable with where you send your donation and it will make you aware of the needs of others. Remember, if it is important enough for famous people like Jerry Lewis to spend their time and energy on, it might just be important enough for you. The kids you help will appreciate your generosity, believe me.
Blessings, and let me know what your kids have done.



Hi Terri,

You are so right about the foundations. When my son attempted suicide a year ago, the Rabbi advised us to contribute to a charity, any charity, because it is reciprocal. If only more people would take these charities seriously, and give no matter how much, because caring for a sick child is very heartbreaking and totally consuming. You offer an excellent blog.

Lisa H.

Judy said...

Hi Terri,

Excellent resources for the kids to think about - kids giving to other kids is just a great idea.

As always, you provide such a great perspective on these issues.

Take care,

terri.forehand said...

Thanks to all who read and comment. I wish I could do so much more for the sick kids and the families. I hope in someway this and the website, along with articles and such will be helpful to a child or a parent at a time when they might need it the most.