Monday, July 14, 2008

Educate you son about testicular self exam......

Ladies, today I want to stress that it is important to teach your son and your husband to do regular self testicular exams. Swimmer Eric Shanteau is a 24 year old man who has qualified for the summer Olympics in China. He is the picture of health and has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Cancer does not discriminate and can occur to anyone at anytime and EARLY detection is the best defense. So please talk to your son and your husband about self testicular exams. My husband was diagnosed at the age of 36 even though statistics tell you that it is most common in the ages of 15 to 35. My father in law was also diagnosed at the age of 62. Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in young men, so a monthly self exam should be part of good health practices. It is also very treatable.

The testicular exam is similar to the self breast exam. Using your finger tips and thumb, palpate the entire testicle feeling for abnormalities or pain. It can also be done in the shower and with the aid of water and soap as a lubricant to easily slide your fingers over the scrotum to feel the testicle easily. These are the symptoms to report and get checked out by a physician.

1. painless lump on the testicle

2. change in the size of the testicle

3. pain in the testicle

4. hardening of the testicle

5. any difference from the right and left testicle ( a small difference in size is normal)

Here are a few websites for more information. Again, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I think it is important to seek the advice of your physician first before doing research. The information on the web is intended to educate and not diagnose. The information may also be somewhat frightening because they list the best and the worst kind of scenario. Fear should never keep you from seeking the opinion of your physician. A cancer center that does clinical trials Another cancer center treating all cancers with clinical trials Very good factual information Another very good and factual site

My best wishes for a great outcome go to our American swimmer, Eric Shanteau. Now, go check your boys.


Carma said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for bringing attention to this and reinforcing that a person should always check with a physician before trying any type of treatment found on the web.


Theresa Schultz said...

Hi Terri,

As the mother of two boys I want to thank you for this post. I don't know much about this topic and I appreciate you're sharing this information with us. An ounce of prevention...


Judy said...

Hi Terri,
I don't have a son - only a grandson. I am going to be sure my daughter knows about this as he grows up.

Thanks for such a thoughtful post for Moms and Dads.

Take care,

PharmacistMike said...

As a testicular cancer survivor I'd like to say "Thank You" for bring attention to the need for self testicular exams. Unfortunately, of the dozens of survivors I've communicated with none were aware they should have been checking themselves.