Friday, July 11, 2008

Bracelets, journals, notecards, and more......

I have more crafty ideas for kids to make and to sell to raise money for their favorite cause.

Bracelets, especially the elastic beaded ones, are easy to assemble and can be made for a reasonable amount of cash. Older kids will be able to create these gems without parental help, but younger kids may need assistance tying the knot in the elastic cords.

Needed: beads, elastic cording- available at any craft or discount store
Steps- * measure cording about 8 inches long to allow for tying the knot

* string beads onto cord

* tie the two ends together several times when you have made the length long enough.

It takes about 36 small beads to make a length long enough for the average wrist. You can find the colors of an organization at their websites.

For instance, breast cancer is represented by pink, ovarian cancer is aqua, the leukemia and lymphoma logo is red, white , and gray. Or pick your favorite colors to use to represent the organization you are donating to.

Another idea is to make homemade journals. I buy notebooks or journals in the one dollar section of my local stores and decorate them with scrap-booking papers and ribbon to give as gifts. You could do the same and sell them for 5.00 each. Make each one unique and you have a great and original item to use for fundraising.

The same can be done by decorating plain note cards. You have endless ways to spruce up note cards from gluing layers of colored paper to adding ribbons to buttons or fabric iron- ons. Sell 4 cards tied together with a note explaining where your donation will go or why you have a passion for a certain charity. If the funds are going to a person you know with a medical problem, make a tag to add to the tie on supporting your friend.

Keep these tips in mind:

1. Items can be simple

2. One person can make a difference, so these ideas can be done alone

3. Keep your costs down, so more of the funding can go to your cause.

4. Spread the word so others know you have a good reason for raising the funds.

Have fun. Giving of yourself reaps great rewards. You will feel good about what you are doing and you can honestly say you are not bored.

Have a great summer. Leave me a comment or visit my website and write about what you have done. I will spread the word about your cause. Together we can make a difference.

Visit to click on kids words and more to leave a notice about your cause and what you have done this summer. I look forward to hear about all of your creative endeavors this summer.


Theresa Schultz said...

Hi Terri,

More great ideas. I love all these. Who couldn't use a nice bracelet or pretty notecards!


Judy said...

Hi Terri,

Wonderful post with lots of good ideas. The kids used to save special pieces of wrapping paper and cover their notebooks with them - fun idea.

Thanks for caring as you do.

Take care,

Carma said...

Hi Terri,
Bracelets are the in thing now with all the young kids and middle grade. Great ideas to keep young minds busy.


Lisa Kirby said...

Hi, Terri,

These are great ideas. You've noted things that even the younger children can participate in making.

Have a wonderful day.

Lisa Kirby