Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celebrate and Support Dad's This Sunday.

This Fathers day, reach out and celebrate your dad. If you don't have one, celebrate other dads you know. And make a special effort to comfort and support any dad that you know who may have a child suffering through a health crisis, or worse yet, a child who is terminal. There is information out there for women who are grieving, but there is not much information for men. And what information is available, is not always sought after by men. Men tend to think they should be able to fix things, to be tough, to not need the support of others, or to even be angry at
a situation beyond their control. Give those dads a hug today. Let them know they are not alone, they can not fix everything, nor do we expect them to. We (meaning the women and children in their lives) need to be loved. We need to know that we matter, and that you would fix it if you could, and that is enough.
So pass out those hugs, give those dads out there permission to not be perfect. And spread the praise for all that they do to care for you. And have a great father's day.

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