Friday, May 23, 2008

Protect the Children This Day and Everyday

Welcome to summer. The Memorial Day holiday weekend is the perfect time to remind all auto drivers to be aware of the dangers a car poses to our children. Fifty children a week are somehow injured in non-traffic accidents by a motor vehicle. Two of these children will accidentally die from these injuries.
I want to recommend a website for information and education, legislation and information on technology to prevent these incidents from happening to our children. Visit
Here is a list of the types of injuries children receive in non-traffic accidents caused by a motor vehicle.
1. Children are accidentally backed over at an alarming rate. This is a tragedy for everyone and is a preventable accident if only we take the time to look.
2. Children are hit by a car standing too close to curbs, in their own driveways, or by not being seen because they are standing in the drivers blind spot.
3. Children are stolen when a car is stolen. They are strapped properly in the car seat but left alone long enough for the thief to steal the car but not notice the child in the back.
4. Children suffer heat stroke or hyperthermia when left in a closed car in the heat of the day. This can cause brain damage and lead to death.
5. Children suffer injuries to hands, fingers, or head and neck from power window accidents.
6. Children are injured when they set the car in motion when not supervised.
These are listed on the Kids and Cars website with more information and statistics. Check out the site for education and ways to help spread the word. We love our kids so we need to take the steps to protect them whenever possible. We are all human and accidents occur, but take a few minutes today to learn ways to keep those accidents at a minimum.
Kudos to Janette E Fennell who founded and is president of the organization. Let's all spread the word.
Happy Holiday and blessings to all.

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