Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post Holiday Recovery.....and a personal awakening.

Why is it that after a long awaited three or four day weekend, we take the next week to recover? Is it that way for everyone? I could complain about the cold that I have had for the entire holiday weekend, or I could whine about my bruised and swollen foot from where the horse stepped on me. But then I go to work and take care of a 2 week old with a brain tumor. And we admit an 11 day old with acute leukemia, followed by a small child caught in the drive by gun fire of some gang who just went through 6 hours of surgery. Wow, that puts my life into perspective. The pediatric intensive care has a way of doing that to me.
So, I humble myself, and ask forgiveness for complaining about whatever it is I am going through. I remember why I write this blog, and that is to touch and reach out to others going through the fires of cancer or some other equally tragic health crisis. And I pray. I pray for relief of their pain. I pray for the words to help them hold on. I pray for the strength to continue to write and to physically care for those precious children. And I lift up every parent I come into contact with, so they too can find strength to handle what life throws their way.
Weekend or weekday, we all do the best we can, don't we. Nurture yourselves today and give yourselves the gift of forgiveness. Tomorrow is another day.

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