Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book Review

I have found an author who can describe sibling loss better than I because she has lived through it. She has a website at where you can read more about her and the reasons behind her book. Sibling grief is gut wrenching pain that no one can easily describe. I would recommend this book for a better understanding of sibling grief, first hand.

The Empty Room: Surviving the Loss of a Brother or Sister at Any Age

By Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn

The Empty Room is the story of my life with Ted, my older brother and best friend. On a September morning when I was six, I woke up--and Ted was gone. He would spend the next eight years isolated beyond a clear, plastic curtain in a bubble room, where I could see him, talk to him, but because of the risk of infection, never touch him.
I have interwoven my story with the stories of many others who have lost brothers or sisters. Before I found them, many had never had the chance to speak of their loss. The Empty Room recounts their stories, and mine, giving all of us a way to reclaim our lost brothers and sisters.

Visit her website to purchase a copy of the book or get one from your local book store or library. You will gain a better understanding of sibling grief and the depth from which it penetrates

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Carma said...

Terri, thanks for bringing this touching subject to our attention. Not many of us think about the loss of siblings.