Friday, April 11, 2008

Where Can We Donate Where It Will Do The Most For Children

We sometimes wonder where we can donate a monetary gift and it will do the most good. I can recommend at least one legitimate charity where your money will provide better medicine, education, and preventative health care for children.
The Children's Miracle Network was founded by The Osmond Family and John Schneider in 1983. The monetary gifts go to help over 170 hospitals in The United States and Canada. The funds help the affiliated hospitals to improve the medical care they give by providing equipment and state of the art technology. The Network also provides funding for life-saving research and preventative educational programs. Visit the website for answers you might need about the charity and for a list of affiliated hospitals in your community. This is a nation wide organization where your money truly goes to children.
The site can be reached at and by mail at:
Children's Miracle Network
4525 South 2300E
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117
This charity raises over $250 million each year for children and the affiliated hospitals. Check out their website the next time you have a gift to give. Or look for the orange and red hot air balloons at your local stores. Corporate partners like Walmart take your dollar donation and send it directly to Children's Miracle Network, where it will be used by your community sponsored hospital. This is a charity you can feel really good about.

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Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hi, Terri,

Your blog is fantastic! What a wonderful resource for parents of ill children.

Thanks for reminding us of the Make a Wish Foundation today.

Suzanne Lieurance
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