Monday, April 28, 2008

Tip For The Day

My tip for today is to enjoy one moment at a time. For anyone, especially parents of a child dealing with a chronic or terminal illness, one moment at a time without pain is a blessing. One moment of laughter or a moment of sound sleep without vomiting, is pure bliss. A moment of peaceful rest is a gift.

Learn to take a deep breath and enjoy those 10 seconds of relaxation, guilt free. Practice letting go of the things you can't control, if only for a moment. Enjoy the first signs of spring, the smell of fresh air, the sunshine in the early morning, or the moon at night. The key here is to seek those precious few moments in time and to feel them, smell them, touch them, and to soak every last second of that time into your soul. That is how you find peace and gain energy to face whatever comes next.

My prayer for every parent watching their child go through an illness, is that they find those few moments of peace where they can look down at their resting child, be thankful and feel pure joy. Because, with all of the medical advances, we will never have all of the answers to why children become ill and even die. But we should grab every moment we can to love our children and feel pure joy, if for only a moment.

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Carma said...

This is great advice Terri and it also fits everyone who face undue amounts of stress.