Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not a Death Sentence but a Life Sentence.....

A close family friend has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer this week and was told he wouldn't make it through spring. His daughter is getting married in June and he has a new grandbaby on the way. Needless to say, the news is devastating. The time frame is horrible and for most people, it would be considered a death sentence. But our friend is awsome. He has things to do and things to say. He wants to teach his wife about the furnace, the water heater, and how to run the tractor to mow the lawn. He wants to be there for his daughter's wedding and so promises to do that. He feels blessed to know what he has, what time frame he is looking at, and now he can live everyday to the fullest. How can I help him? For what it is worth, this is what I have done. I purchased two small journals. Using my scrapbooking supplies, I decorated each one differently and added ribbons for ties to secure the journal closed. Then I enlosed a note which reads simply: Journals for you to write the words that may be too difficult to say now... words of your wisdom and love, your dreams and your wishes for both of your children and grandchildren. They will cherish your words forever.
That's it... That is all I can do for now. Will he make it to the wedding or will his daughter change the date.. that remains to be seen. But for now, I have done something. After all, we are all going to die someday, we just aren't as blessed to know when. He has chosen to live the rest of his life sentence to the fullest and maybe we all can learn something from that. Live life. Speak the truth. And love, always love.

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Carma said...

Well, Terri,
Your posts exude with compassion. What a lovely thing to do for your friend. I do hope and pray the timing will work according to his plans. It not, at least there will be a plan for that too. True it is all about love.