Sunday, April 13, 2008


As a pediatric critical care nurse, I know all too well how a child and his or her parents can be robbed of their JOY. Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is a non profit agency that works hard to grant wishes for children and to return some JOY to them if for only a short time. The organization was started in 1980 by granting their first wish to a boy who wanted to become a policeman. You can read his story at the Make-A-Wish web site at There you can explore the agency, their mission, how to contribute, and how to become a volunteer. Just reading some of the wishes that have been granted makes you smile. The organization grants wishes at the rate of one wish every 40 minutes. Now, that is alot of wishes. The organization depends on local chapters to decide on recipients. Children must be diagnosed with a life threatening , progressive, or malignant illness to be considered. It also depends on fundraising, donations, volunteers, and corporations to keep this so successful. Check out the web site for more information or to become a volunteer. With great organizations out there like Make-A-Wish we should all be able to find a cause to support with our prayers, time, or money. Also check out the world branch of the organization at to see how this great team gives to children across the world suffering from life threatening diseases.

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Carma said...

Hey Terri,
I have worked with this organization in my local area. They can do miraculous things. Good of you to alert people to this caring group.