Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome to all who read my blog today. I have added a few elements for readers, a slide show, a link to my favorite new blog sites from my writers group, and a question of the week on death and dying. Feel free to email me with any other information I might be able to provide for you.

With that in mind ,I hope everyone who reads this blog is taking time to be grateful for one thing today. Here in the Midwest, it is cloudy and dull, For some of you your personal health crisis or situation may also feel cloudy and dull. However, I find if we all take the time to focus on one thing everyday that we are grateful for , it does improve the mood for the day. I credit the sick kids I care for in the intensive care unit for showing me how true these words are.

Never a shift goes by that one of the kids or their parents don't show gratitude. It is amazing to me how children who are dying and their parents can still take the time to thank me for a pillow. They show gratitude for the simple things that I take for granted, like ice in their water, a popsicle, pain medicines given on time or before they have to ask. They thank me for the care that they should expect and the care that God calls me to give. Yet they thank me. And it feels good.

So when I am feeling cloudy and dull myself, (notice I avoid the word depression as I feel at this time of year we all feel cloudy and dull waiting on spring to arrive), I try my best to be thankful for someone or something. It isn't always easy, sometimes I really want to whine. But when I do it, I really do feel better and can be more productive with both my nursing care and my writing.

So today I am thankful that I don't have to face anyone in person, I can stay in my old sweats all day, and I can still get online and be productive. Oh yea, and I am making a pan of fudge. That I am most grateful for. And please keep visiting, as I am also grateful to you, the reader of these words. Know that I truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Have a great day.


Carma said...

I am grateful for your wonderful blog too.

lindakuzyk said...

Terri, your words in this section really touched me. I nearly lost my daughter and granddaughter at the same time and know the feeling of fear and helplessness. Your work is so important. Those of us who have "been there" do love those of you who are trained, efficient, and most importantly, compassionate. Thank you. Linda