Monday, April 21, 2008

Book review

I love to share information about children, writing, health, and a variety of topics for kids including self esteem. Dr. Barbara Holstein is the author of a book for teen girls titled " The Truth: I'm a Girl, I'm Smart, and I Know Everything."
The title itself is empowering and I think teen girls today need that kind of positive role model. Check out her web site for positive information for women of all ages. Her website is
Also, check out a great interview done by Donna McDine, one of our writers group members. Her site can be reached at
She is a children's author with good information on her web site for aspiring authors or parents interested in what their children read.
PS. See, I can read and write about more than death and dying issues. I do believe that positive role models for children and healthy family relationships make all the difference in the lives of children and adults dealing with a health crisis. It is all connected in one way or another, isn't it?


Donna McDine ~ Children's Author said...

Terri...thanks for the post back to my blog today. Dr. Barbara wrote a wonderful book and her guest author post was very inspiring. I sent her a personal email the other day telling her about you and your link back to her.

Warm regards,

Carma said...

Self Esteem is for the sick and healthy person. It is important to give kids this type of information.