Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The wings of an angel

In 2005 my father in law was in hospice and semi-conscious. Hours before he passed away he aroused long enough to tell my mother in law that he had the wing of an angel in the palm of his hand.

Last night, I cared for a 12 year old boy in his last hours. He aroused hours before he quietly passed and told his mother and grandmother goodbye. He whispered, " I didn't want to come back but they said I had to, that I need to tell you how beautiful it is.. all white and gold. It is so beautiful and I was so happy there. The angels were around me . They wanted me to tell you that I will be alright and for you not to worry about me." Those were his last words and they were a great comfort to his mother.

I share this with you , so that today you take a few minutes from your busy schedule to reclaim your beliefs and get your heart in order. Life is precious and can be taken when we least expect it. For me, my heart believes in a loving Christ, a life everlasting and the hope of beautiful heavens with some of those angels I've heard about. Christ is my foundation, and though I sometimes lose my focus, reclaiming my beliefs keeps me grounded when life throws me a whammy. This helps me be a better wife, mother, nurse, and hopefully a better writer too. Whatever you believe, is your heart in order? Do your core values provide the foundation you need when life throws you a whammy, just in case there is an angel watching? Just in case..........


Hello, I'm Carma said...

What a beautiful post and message.

Gayle McCain said...

Dear Terri,

Thank you so much for helping this family deal with their son's transition. We all need the reminder to treasure those around us.

Thank you,

Gayle McCain