Monday, March 3, 2008

Lazy Monday!

Our dog Buster...on Monday mornings

Just so the reader doesn't get an inflated impression of what it is to be a critical care nurse, I thought I would share my Monday morning... Keep in mind that I worked 12 hour nights over the weekend. I also had 5 different patients over the course of two nights and 4 of those have a terminal diagnosis. Because I am me, I become personally involved with their dying process while I am their caregiver. Which explains why on Monday morning I had barbecue potato chips and not one but two diet Pepsi's for breakfast. It also explains why I still have on pj pants and an unmatched tee shirt in the middle of the day. I can only explain my hair as a cross between Bozo the clown and something you see on a cartoon of Tom and Jerry when the cat is being electrocuted. You get the idea. And I want to be a writer. Go figure. But then I look around at my real life and I am greatful. I thank God I can help those who are so ill. I thank God my children and grandchildren are healthy so far. And I thank God He has placed me in my current nursing position with children who need me.
Now, I will drag my mismatched self away from the computer to do the activities of daily living that show my husband he is loved, like laundry, dusting, making dinner... all the things he will notice. These things are important because they remind me that along with dying, there is still living. Have a great week and enjoy your life, whatever life brings.


Gayle McCain said...

Thank you for the reminder that life is for the living. Sometimes I forget.

Linda said...

Terri, your work is a book in progress every time you interact with an ill child or parents of the same. You sound like you are a compassionate nurse. Your insights and caring would make a powerful read for those who are going through the enormously painful experience of anything that speaks of "terminal." I am very impressed with your words and thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing.