Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a Dog's life....or is it?

The life of a dog, or at least our dog, is really quite simple. He gets fed, he is hand bathed, he is exercised and then he sleeps. And he sleeps without worry. Adults usually don't get spoon fed, almost always have to bathe themselves, exercise from guilt under their own steam, and then we sleep. But we worry! Sometimes we even loose sleep from the worry. We complicate things in our lives when maybe they don't need to be so complicated. Then we worry some more. And what about the children? Children are so much wiser than us, because like the dog, they trust enough to not worry most of the time. And it seems, children that are ill have some inner peace and strength that the rest of us do not understand and they worry even less.

I shared in another post the young girl facing the loss of hair due to her chemotherapy. She has already decided not to worry but to get a cute wig. Yesterday, I sent a 15 year old boy suffering from Leukemia to surgery to get catheters placed for kidney dialysis. He is fighting a very aggressive cancer, has had a stem cell transplant and now he is in Kidney failure. His parents are a wreck. He is not. His comment on the way to the procedure was this. "If I don't come out of this, I want a shiny white casket and black satin on the inside. I mean it, don't try and fake me out with 100% cotton either, I want the satin. It will be more comfortable for the journey." And with that he waved as the doctor and tech pushed him into the operating room. He wasn't worried. He had a handle on life. He made the most of the moment. If that had been the last time he saw his parents, he would have seen them laughing. He brought joy to everyone around him at that moment, in the midst of our worry, and somehow it made us trust. Trust that no matter what happened, each of us who had seen that smile knew life would again be ok.

Think about it, maybe we should be more like our canine friends... worry alittle less, sleep alittle more, and love unconditionally.


Carma said...

Hi Terri,
If we could all view the world through children's and animal's eyes we would have a much better attitude.

Isn't there a saying some where "and a child shall lead them"

Gayle McCain said...

A lot less worry would be better. Thank you for your heartfelt wisdom.

Gayle McCain