Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free Personalized Websites for Critical Kids

I have found another great site for parents similar to The Care Pages I have written about before. This site is It is also a free site for parents to build a web page for their child who is going through a health crisis. This site can be used by adults who are suffering a health crisis as well. The site has educational resources for parents to tap into. There is a newsroom area where the reader can find what is new in the medical field and there is a page for personal stories of healing and success.

This kind of free service is so valuable to parents of children that have frequent medical admissions. The web site is a great place for parents to keep loved ones informed and to stay connected to the outside world. It offers family and friends a way to contact and give support to the parents and child without the burden of phones interrupting at a bad time.

If you have a moment, go to and explore the site. There you will find a brief video tour of what Caring Bridge offers. You will see for yourself how much difference a site like this for parents and children can make in the healing process.

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