Friday, March 14, 2008

Celebrate the little things......

No matter how serious the illness or accident, it is important for all family members to remember to celebrate the little things in life. You can get so caught up in the blood counts and lab results if your child has a childhood cancer or if your child has asthma, you look at every breath he or she takes and compare it to the last. When it is an accident, you can find yourself concentrating on the cause, the accident itself, or the bumps, bruises, and breaks that resulted. But you need to remind each other that this too will pass....there will be hills to climb and valleys to survive. So celebrate the 5 minutes of no pain, or the hour your child hasn't vomited. Look for the sunshine in every situation and it will help to ease your stress. I believe in gratitude, even in the worst of circumstances, even when you think there is nothing at all to be greatful for. Here is a spring board of things to be greatful for when your are so overwhelmed with your child's illness or injury or situation, you can't think straight.

1. family
2. friends
3. your favorite pet who loves unconditionally
4. a smile from a stranger
5. clean socks
6. clean underware...a must for comfort
7. a cold refreshing drink of water....some countries don't have that simple pleasure
8. chocolate... in almost any form
9. a car that starts
10. a roof over your head
11. a warm blanket or quilt especially if you don't have a roof over your head...some people are not so blessed.
12. a dime in your pocket
13. your health in whatever form it takes... there is always someone in worse shape
14. 5 special words when you hear them....thank you and I love you
15. your faith because it is what gets you through...
Start your own gratitude list daily and I know it will make you smile.


Gayle McCain said...

A gratitude list. Yes I think that it will help. Not just in these heartrending situations, but in almost anything.

May gratitude help you to be in joy.

Gayle McCain

Carma said...

Gratitude can be as simple as clean underwear. That is great Terri.