Friday, March 7, 2008

book review

Title: Help Me Say Goodbye
Written by: Janis Silverman
A workbook for families with young children dealing with death.
Publisher: Fairview Press
ISBN: 978-1-57749-085-2
Publication: 1999

I have found another great workbook for parents to use with young children dealing with the death of a loved one. Janis Silverman is teacher and uses that to relate with children effectively. Throughout the entire book there are pages for writing, drawing, and topics to discuss. For parents who find it difficult to find the right words, this book will give you tips on how to say it. One example from the book discusses the fact that not everyone gets better and how important it is to say goodbye before the person dies. " What can you do to show how much he or she means to you? Draw or write your ideas." is one example of how the author draws the reader actively into facing the truth. The book also discusses all the feelings a child might experience while grieving. Guilt, being sad, anger, and fear are normal feelings for a grieving child. This workbook allows the reader to work through those feelings with art and writing.
The black and white pages allow for the child to add color and imagination when drawing as well as encourages the child to openly discuss their feelings with an adult.

This book is available from your local bookstore or library. It is well worth checking this out.

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Gayle McCain said...

Thank you for bringing this book to my attention. I have often wanted to help others through their grief.

Gayle McCain