Monday, February 25, 2008

great resource for children's writers

Good morning. Here is wishing you a great week with new ideas, lucrative networking connections, and making new friends. I wanted to recommend another helpful web site for the children's writer. You can find this information at

I subscribe to the paper snail mail newsletter as well as the free email newsletter. It has several free downloads and it keeps information fresh and informative. They offer insight into the current market and they also will plug new authors or successful well knowns. Look for contests and other positive ideas as you continue on this writing road.

As I try to find my focus on this writing journey, I wanted to share a somber moment I experienced this week-end, somehow validating my desire to get to the heart of the matter. You know I am a critical care nurse, so my experiences are somewhat unique as well as extreme.

We had a 9 week old infant with multiple anomalies and a micro-sized brain on the unit. She was only 5 pounds, very physically deformed, and was only given hours to a few days to survive. Her parents had her at home, but as the end grew near, felt it more appropriate to have her with us in the intensive care.

We promised she would not be alone and we would love her until the end. And we did. The great nurses that I work with and myself, took turns holding and cuddling that not so cuddly baby. Her nurse dressed her in pink and wrapped her in a soft handmade blanket and we passed her around to whom ever wasn't busy at the moment. That baby was never alone. She was surrounded by nurses who took an oath to love and care for their patients, no matter the circumstances.

Which brings me back to my writing journey... I want to be a voice for children. All children. I want others to read about them, care about them, relate to their circumstances, and somehow be affected by what I write about them. Maybe through that change, the reader can be an example and bring about their own influences to benefit a child. I want to get to the heart of what children feel but cannot always express so they know someone cares.

What is the focus of your writing journey?

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