Friday, February 29, 2008

Care Pages...resource for parents with ill children

I want to encourage parents with a child who is chronically or terminally ill to consider creating a care page for their child. You can log onto to begin. Care pages give you the opportunity to update family and friends with news about your child without taking hundreds of phone calls. You can appoint one person to update the page daily or weekly, or you can journal the pages yourself. You can also receive email messages from others to your site, keeping you uplifted with their prayers and support. This service is free to parents, and is supported through hospitals and university hospitals for their patients. Log on and explore the site to connect to other parents going through similar experiences. You can also network with others for more information on your child's illness and treatment.
Today, most hospitals have Internet connections available for parents, computers available, or parents can bring in laptops. The hospital stay for a chronically ill child can be lengthy, so this service is both a blessing and very informative for parents who are staying with the child. Check it out.


Hello, I'm Carma said...

Terri, this is such a great idea for families who need information and support.

Gayle McCain said...


This is a great idea. Thank you for the info. I'll forward it to a friend who has a high need handicapped child.