Saturday, February 16, 2008

Book Review

I believe the subject of death is a difficult one for parents to address with their children. I also believe that it should be brought up and discussed long before an incident occurs. That being said, I have just finished a delightful book for readers 8-10 years of age that addresses this issue in a warm and compassionate way.

Remembering Mrs.Rossi by Amy Hest and illustrated by Heather Maione shows the spunky character named Annie dealing with the unexpected loss of her mother at the tender age of 8. It shows Annie experiencing all the emotions one would expect a child to have while dealing with such loss, but it equally shows her father helping her through this tough time. The story is sad, happy, and loving. Remembering and memories become the key to making it through this for Annie and her father. You will fall in love with the character from the very first page.

This book could be read alone or together, maybe a chapter a night during family time. Reading this story will open the door to discussing your family values regarding death and dying, and allow you to share with your child any past experience you have with loss.

I highly recommend this book for this age group. I will be doing reviews on other books for children of all ages that deal with these tough issues. If you have a book you recommend or a book you have written and would like it included, please email me or send comments to the blog. I don't think we ever have enough resources to help our children with the painful realities of life and death, so I welcome your input.

Until next time, Blessings to all for a delightful week-end.

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